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Influences In Art Work

Modern art movements have had the greatest impact on Luisa's work. She has drawn on the simplicity of Klimt and the colour, line and texture of Kandinsky without replication of works. The thought processes of each piece draw on an underlying influence of both eastern and western philosophies. Natural forms such as trees, rocks and water serve not only as a constant form of inspiration but as a vehicle to a greater understanding of the soul, hence they are ever present in most works. In addition her extensive travels have insured her continuing fascination with ancient cultures and consequently most pieces reveal touches of these cultural motifs

Paint in all its forms has been the medium which has given Luisa the most pleasure and compels her to create various textures, moods and atmosphere. Experimentation with paint on paper and canvas has enabled her to express herself, discovering the ways to translate thought, emotion, beauty and tranquility. Extensive travel through Africa, South America Asia and Eastern and Western Europe allows for a boarder understanding of how to communicate with people through her art and life.

2004 Luisa Kharsas